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DekoSchirm - Graphene/TiO2 coatings for concurrent photocatalytic self-decontamination and electromagnetic shielding

Development of a novel graphene-based coating, which concurrently enables photocatalytic self-decontamination against chemical warfare agents and…

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C-SALS - Semi-autonomous chemical aerial reconnaissance system

A powerful UAV equipped with multimodal sensors is intended to support the emergency services in the exploration phase after an accident or terrorist…

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Vector-borne diseases in operational areas of the Austrian Armed Forces: Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)

The aim of the FFG FORTE project is an extensive assessment of the prevalent mosquito, sandfly and tick fauna and their medical relevance as vectors…

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ConvoyFence - Active vibration isolation platform for mobile counter-UAV systems for convoys

This project aims at the development and integration of a vibration isolation platform with the main target application of optical drone…

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A new generation of field-proven robots is advanced to operate instruments and tools relevant to the reconnaissance phase of CBRN operations as part…

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”The software tool 'Signal Detection System' (SiDeS) is to detect, classify and identify the parts of the received radio spectrum in a wide frequency…

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Digi_Assist - Evaluation of digital assistance systems (DAS) for collaborative and interactive troubleshooting and maintenance

Evaluation of suitable digital assistance systems (DAS) for military applications for collaborative and interactive troubleshooting and maintenance,…

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BARAKUDA - Mobile Sensor System for UAV Defense using Direction based Acoustic Detection and Localization

The FORTE project BARAKUDA deals with the development of a mobile-use acoustic sensor system that can detect and track multiple drones based on…

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NIKE DHQ RADIV - Integration and visualization as a core process of staff work

As part of the Forte project NIKE DHQ RADIV, rapid data integration and visualization (2D-3D and mixed reality) is being developed in the area of…

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HiProtect: Development of a novel lightweight material composite with ballistic and self-healing protective properties

Mobile defence structures for the protection of mobile military units should be quickly erectable for different operational scenarios and guarantee…

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RUNS - Resilient, universal navigation system for “navigation warfare” use cases (RUNS)

Elaboration of the basics for the development of a domestic GNSS receiver for the Public Regulated Service (PRS) with additional innovative measures…

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FiBack - Semiautomatic Methods for finding hidden Backdoors

FiBack focuses on the (partially) automated detection of (un)intended built-in backdoors in IT components (third-party software, appliances, IoT…

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