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ConvoyFence - Active vibration isolation platform for mobile counter-UAV systems for convoys

|   Call 2020

This project aims at the development and integration of a vibration isolation platform with the main target application of optical drone identification systems in mobile scenarios. It will be integrated into existing vehicles to provide early and effective information for the protection of convoys against UAV threats.

Detection, tracking, identification and defense against UAV introduces enormous challenges for counter-UAV systems in mobile scenarios such as military convoys. This mobility requires compact, robust systems, which are operational in the harsh vibrational environment of a driving vehicle. Movements of this vehicles as well as vibrations shall not alter the tracking performance nor the operational range of the counter-UAV system. Additionally, these systems are expected to be highly modular and easily scalable to various applications.

Existing, multispectral counter-UAV systems are designed for stationary and semi-mobile applications and therefor, require a significant setup time. During this time, no protection is provided by these systems. Furthermore, a stable underground and known orientation is expected for the system’s operation. Especially optical UAV tracking systems (EO/IR), which use large magnifications to enable identification of the tracked object, are susceptible to vibrations and pointing uncertainties resulting from unstable underground and vehicle movements. Nevertheless, optical tracking systems are a core component of every modern counter-UAV system, as they provide valuable, high-resolution images, thus enabling a fast and fact-based decision-making process in favor of safe transportation and movement of troops.
Therefore, a universal, robust solution is required to enable mobile operation of counter-UAV systems and - above all - optical drone identification systems.

This project proposes the development of a modular vibration isolation platform for counter-UAV systems in mobile applications (e.g., convoys). It provides a vibration decoupled platform to mount various sensors and effectors to. Main focus are the requirements of optical drone identification systems and their operation during movement of the vehicle. Due to a complementary project of the same consortium “OptoFence II” (FORTE2019, FFG No. 873504), which develops a long-range, stationary, optical drone identification system, synergies are utilized, and the portfolio of the developed system will be extended by mobile applications. In addition, other directed sensors (radar, RF) and directed effectors can be integrated on the proposed vibration isolation platform, hence, providing a modular system for multispectral counter-UAV defense.

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