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DekoSchirm - Graphene/TiO2 coatings for concurrent photocatalytic self-decontamination and electromagnetic shielding

|   Call 2020

Development of a novel graphene-based coating, which concurrently enables photocatalytic self-decontamination against chemical warfare agents and shields against electromagnetic interference pulses, as part of the FORTE program.

The development of protection technologies against chemical warfare agents and electromagnetic interference pulses is a key component in modern defense technology. "DekoSchirm" will develop a novel type of coating for device housings, which concurrently photocatalytically decomposes chemical warfare agents on the device surface (self-decontamination) and, owing to its high electrical conductivity, also shields the inside of the device against electromagnetic interference (EMP shielding). The coating is based on a novel graphene-based nanomaterial hybrid. Via the unique combination of expertise in graphene and photo catalysis (Technische Universität Wien), industrial polymer-/fiber-composite technology (carbon-solutions Hintsteiner GmbH) and military expertise (Federal Ministry of Defense), "DekoSchirm" realizes a globally innovative, self-decontaminating and EMP shielding coating as part of the FORTE program.

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