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DekoSchirm - Graphene/TiO2 coatings for concurrent photocatalytic self-decontamination and electromagnetic shielding

Development of a novel graphene-based coating, which concurrently enables photocatalytic self-decontamination against chemical warfare agents and…

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C-SALS - Semi-autonomous chemical aerial reconnaissance system

A powerful UAV equipped with multimodal sensors is intended to support the emergency services in the exploration phase after an accident or terrorist…

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ConvoyFence - Active vibration isolation platform for mobile counter-UAV systems for convoys

This project aims at the development and integration of a vibration isolation platform with the main target application of optical drone…

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NIKE DHQ RADIV - Integration and visualization as a core process of staff work

As part of the Forte project NIKE DHQ RADIV, rapid data integration and visualization (2D-3D and mixed reality) is being developed in the area of…

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HiProtect: Development of a novel lightweight material composite with ballistic and self-healing protective properties

Mobile defence structures for the protection of mobile military units should be quickly erectable for different operational scenarios and guarantee…

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RUNS - Resilient, universal navigation system for “navigation warfare” use cases (RUNS)

Elaboration of the basics for the development of a domestic GNSS receiver for the Public Regulated Service (PRS) with additional innovative measures…

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FiBack - Semiautomatic Methods for finding hidden Backdoors

FiBack focuses on the (partially) automated detection of (un)intended built-in backdoors in IT components (third-party software, appliances, IoT…

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