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|   Call 2022

Development of a highly accurate, multispectral fire control system to increase the accuracy of kinetic weapons for drone defense.

Protecting critical infrastructure and military assets from drone attacks is extremely important. Kinetic weapons represent an efficient complement to existing air defense systems in the short range, especially against drones that cannot be combated by means of electronic warfare, and offer the great advantage of simple supply and logistics.

The main challenge is to increase accuracy and dynamics in order to achieve high effectiveness against small, moving targets. The present project investigates the feasibility of a highly accurate, multispectral fire control system to solve exactly this challenge.

A combination of integrated radar technology and optical sensing is used to develop a robust and precise sensor system. The use of Wind Lidar technology enables highly accurate calculation of ballistics. The intelligent algorithm estimates the flight path of the drone and calculates the optimal trigger time. A highly dynamic effector platform with an integrated kinetic agent (small caliber or shotgun) is being developed to analyze the dynamic behavior and accuracy of the fire control system as part of field tests.

The system developed should be as easy as possible to integrate into existing military assets with remote-controlled weapon turrets (e.g. 12.7 mm). This is intended to expand these to include the extremely important capability of short-range air defense.

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