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31. ADRIAN - Optimisation of AI-based drone defence for military requirements  
Date: 02-01-23
Utilisation of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence methods and processes for mobile airspace reconnaissance and threat countermeasures for their integration and military use The rapid development of unmanned aerial systems is driving exponential growth and poses an asymmetric threat situation a
32. RT-VitalMonitor - Multifaktorielles und multisensorisches physiologisches Echtzeit-Monitoringsystem für militärische Einsatzszenarien  
Date: 02-01-23
Development of a real-time psychophysiological monitoring system for soldiers on the basis of target group-oriented stress models and innovative analysis methods with the aim of being able to assess the individual and team-specific stress situation. Background and Motivation The demands on soldiers
33. BUMBLEBEE - cyBersecUrity prograMm für cyBer Kräfte mit einer miLitärischEn cyBEr rangE  
Date: 02-01-23
In recent years, conflicts between states have increasingly begun in the digital space. These serve as preparation for conventional hostilities. Attackers usually focus on critical infrastructures and operators of essential services (electricity, water, gas and other utilities). The project BUMBLEBE
34. EVUB - Acquisition and visualization of underground movement passages to complete the situational picture in Urban Operations  
Date: 05-12-22
In the course of this project, the aim is to create a comprehensive situational picture of an urban area, in particular, the underground movement passages, by using heterogeneous data sources and, if in case it`s necessary, by using sensor networks, to depict the complex spatial structure and thus
35. NIKE-SwarmNav – Robot-navigation without GNSS-signal, UAS/UGV-swarms, autonomous systems  
Date: 05-12-22
Generation of an operational picture in complex urban environments using mixed swarms of drones and ground robots. In future military conflicts, urban environments will increasingly be among the key venues. "Complex events" within complex structures of urban environments and their levels (subsurface
36. NADODE - Drone Navigation with GNSS Interference Monitoring in GNSS Denied Environment  
Date: 02-12-22
Identification of optimal non-GNSS navigation sensors and/or sensor fusion approaches. Realization of more sensitive interference detection algorithms (Karhunen-Loève- Transformation - KLT). Proof-of-concept by flying a drone with a demonstrator for non- GNSS navigation and KLT detection at the See
37. SURUx2 – Semi-automatic robot system for detection of CBRN threats and IEDs  
Date: 01-12-22
The FORTE project SURUx2 investigates novel methods for (semi)automatic robotics for standoff detection of hazardous agents and explosives in close proximity to suspicious or contaminated objects. The overall aim is to improve safety, efficiency and resource consumption, and to secure technology lea
38. SIMPAS - Simulation of autonomous vehicle control based on passive localization  
Date: 01-12-22
In this project, a concept based on passive sensing for environment perception and localization as well as path planning and vehicle control for an autonomously driving logistics truck is implemented and tested in the simulation. The overall project goal is the availability of validated vehicle cont
39. SENSOR – Secure PNT Superiority  
Date: 01-12-22
The main objective of the SENSOR project is to present the best possible considerations for the BMLV as the customer on how Secure PNT can be ensured in an operational area and, in addition, how Secure PNT Superiority can be established in the area of Navigation Warfare (NavWar). For this purpose, a
40. GeoSemantic and Crowdsourced enhanced Virtual Reality for Situational Awareness (GeoCROW)  
Date: 01-12-22
The GeoCROW project addresses the problem of collecting local and mission-relevant information for future military and humanitarian mission areas. With the help of digital reconnaissance, unstructured data from the World Wide Web is collected, categorized and displayed in virtual reality in the corr
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