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UAS basierte multisensorgestützte Kampfmitteldetektion

Background and Motivation

New types of conflicts and methods of warfare increasingly require comprehensive, dynamically adaptable military deployment strategies combined with the use of innovative (partially) autonomous air- and ground-based systems (UAVs, UGVs), which are equipped with powerful sensor technology adapted to the deployment scenarios. Essential military tasks concern logistics operations that often have to be carried out in unsecured or hostile environments. The localisation of explosive ordnance is of utmost importance for the further conduct of operations in both attack-prone and explosive ordnance-contaminated environments. A rapid and comprehensive situation assessment (situational, current operational picture) with an analysis of critical areas and a detailed intelligent detection-analysis of these areas enables appropriate early detection and thus also an increase in the distance of the soldiers to safety-critical areas.

Goals and innovation content

IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) pose a major threat to the safety of soldiers and the functionality of ground vehicles. The aim of UAS-EODetect is to advance the development of technical assistance systems based on heterogeneously equipped multisensor UAV systems, autonomous navigation and control approaches as well as user-optimised mission management in order to increase safety during missions in an environment contaminated by explosive ordnance. Key development goals and innovation priorities are:
(a) development of a two-stage information-acquisition strategy (fast monitoring and detection & identification),
(b) development of suitable modular sensor platforms,
(c) development of innovative and powerful multi-sensor analysis methods,
(d) development of (partially) autonomous navigation and control of the UAS (ideally also by untrained personnel),
(e) integration of a robust communication solution based on LTE and 5G technology as well as multi-technology links for real-time transmission,
(f) Development of cooperative approaches (swarm intelligence) for a (partially) autonomous processing of tasks and an optimised interaction of several UAVs and UGVs, as well as
(g) Development of a user-optimised mission management tool for visualisation of the results and an up-to-date situation picture as well as support in cooperative task management.

Targeted results

The targeted research and development results from UAS-EODetect enable a modular functional demonstrator, the implementation of tests and exercises as well as an evaluation related to the functionality, performance and practical suitability for an optimised assistance service for explosive ordnance experts and explosive ordnance disposal specialists in the defined security scenarios. UAS-EODetect builds on innovative, existing technological solutions, integrates the results of national and international research projects and ensures practice-relevant research results through the intensive involvement of customer groups and the strong international professional networking aimed for in the project.
The project will be implemented in close cooperation with the experts of the Federal Ministry of Defence, thus ensuring an ongoing exchange of know-how and a practice-oriented performance and usability in the development results. At the end of the project, a PoC technology demonstrator will be made available to the BMLV for further tests, training and mission-specific developments. Beyond the project, system support and an intensive exchange of experience are planned in order to be able to pursue further activities together.

Federal Ministry of Finance
Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)