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1. TOM Tele-operated aMun-Handling  
Date: 18-11-19
The goal of TOM is to increase the safety of the ÖBH personnel in current and potential operational areas, to support and relieve the personnel on site, and to increase the efficiency of tactical logistics in the operational area. Here, the focus lies on the 1st line and the follow-up supply at the
2. 2ARMY – Automated Additive Repair and Manufacturing System  
Date: 18-11-19
The 2ARMY project is focused on important development steps needed to realize an on-demand production of spare parts and automated repairing of worn metallic components in an automated robotic cell using a wire and arc-based additive manufacturing process. A number of different 3D-shape acquisition
Date: 18-11-19
Modelling of the atmospheric dispersion of CBRN warfare agents and improved operational picture through sensor data evaluation When deployed under CBRN threat, the Austrian Army currently uses procedures that offer a rough assessment of hazardous areas for the purpose of immediate warning of endang
4. Cyber Attack Decision and Support Platform  
Date: 18-11-19
Technical feasibility study and validation of a technical support platform for cyber incident response especially in the military sector In recent years, large-scale cyber attacks and attacks aimed at maximizing the impact on the economy and society have grown rapidly. These attacks utilize both kno
5. INFOSYS - GIS based Counter IED/UXO Information System  
Date: 18-11-19
GIS-based modelling of existing knowledge and real-time integration of high-resolution and precisely located multimodal close-range reconnaissance information. In the context of humanitarian operations and peace-keeping missions, the protection of the troops, and in particular of civilian helpers o
6. NavWaC Aspects and requirements for a Navigation Warfare Center in Austria  
Date: 18-11-19
Within the industrial research project, the aspects and requirements for a Navigation Warfare Centre in Austria are elaborated and the added value will be tested as part of a proof-of-concept. Thus, a further advance of the lead role of the BMLV in the area of navigation warfare testbed is achieved.
7. PALONA – Passive vehicle ego-localization for navigation without using any infrastructure  
Date: 18-11-19
For the application „semi-autonomous convoy” the feasibility of passive vehicle ego localization without using any infrastructure and GNSS will be investigated. This project aims to investigate the possibilities for a passive infrastructure-less self-localization by vehicles for navigation purposes.
8. SIGMISDIGG - Sicherstellung von GNSS für militärische und sicherheitskritische Dienste im Gebirgigen Gelände  
Date: 20-11-19
Aufgabe der Studie ist die technische und wirtschaftliche Evaluierung dreier Lösungsansätze (GNSS Re-Radiator/Repeater, Lokale mobile Pseudolite-Systeme, GNSS-Reflektometrie in Tälern) mit dem möglichen Ziel die einfache Empfängerinfrastruktur der staatlichen Dienste im Gebirge kostengünstig für akt
9. Explore AI - Study on the influence of AI on military affairs in the Austrian context  
Date: 20-11-19
AI will offer both new challenges and opportunities for the military sector in the near future, but the real impact of AI technologies on this sector, especially with respect to the cyber domain, has not yet been researched. Within the exploreAI project, explorative scenario analysis will be used to
10. VitalMonitor  
Date: 18-12-19
Multisensorales körpergetragenes Vital-Monitoring System für militärische Schulungs-, Trainings- und Einsatzszenarien (Multi-sensor wearable vital monitoring system for military training and military mission scenarios) The goal of VitalMonitor focuses on the development of a system for real-time mon
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