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MulTi-Sensorfusion for Navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Beyond GNSS-Denied Environments

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PIONEER - InteroPerability and DIgitization Of INtelligencE GathEring Processes

Um eine effektive und effiziente Aufklärung zur Deckung militärischem Informationsbedarf zu erreichen, ist der Einsatz moderner und innovativer…

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MOSKITO – Modular and open tool chain for the simulation of semi-autonomous convoying with non-emitting sensor technology

Implementation and demonstration of a simulation environment for virtual testing of autonomous vehicle systems in semi-paved and unpaved terrain…

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System for monitoring the real usage profile and optimization of maintenance and inventory planning of military land vehicles

AI based analysis of heterogeneous data sources, like sensor data and data from the vehicle control system, to capture a realistic usage profile of…

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Adaptive multi-modal network discovery for information assessment (AMMONIS)

The AMMONIS project develops services for the joint analysis of audio and text data using heterogeneous data sources. These services enable the…

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In the frame of NIKE BLUETRACK, an easily portable positioning and navigation solution will be developed for complex underground structures. The…

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OptoFence II - Detection, tracking and optical identification of UAVs using robotic telescope systems

This project aims at the development of a telescope based, mobile, optical system for detection, tracking and identification of UAVs providing an…

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Single Device for Multiple Security Domains – Technische Machbarkeitsstudie und Validierung

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EuroThrax: Detection, bioforensics and genomics of Bacillus anthracis / high pathogenic B. cereus sensu lato

Genomic analyses of Bacillus anthracis and high pathogenic Bacillus cereus to distinguish natural contamination from intentional contamination and…

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Electrochemically self-sterilizing filter systems (E-sterile)

An autonomous sensor-controlled filter system, which generates electrochemically highly reactive molecules and thereby destroys chemical warfare…

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Flexible C-130 transport solution for airborne relocation of ABC-contaminated people

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