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91. Adaptive multi-modal network discovery for information assessment (AMMONIS)  
Date: 06-10-20
The AMMONIS project develops services for the joint analysis of audio and text data using heterogeneous data sources. These services enable the classification and linking of audio events with text information that is spatially, temporally or thematically related. The aim is to use these services to
Date: 29-09-20
In the frame of NIKE BLUETRACK, an easily portable positioning and navigation solution will be developed for complex underground structures. The positioning data are visualized in the Subsurface Operations Mission Tool (SOMT). The system will be tested and evaluated as part of a complex underground
93. OptoFence II - Detection, tracking and optical identification of UAVs using robotic telescope systems  
Date: 28-09-20
This project aims at the development of a telescope based, mobile, optical system for detection, tracking and identification of UAVs providing an increased operating distance. The integrated camera system allows realtime imaging and reconnaissance of an approaching object and therefore enables an in
94. SD4MSD  
Date: 25-09-20
Single Device for Multiple Security Domains – Technische Machbarkeitsstudie und Validierung Military field operations place high demands on information and communication technology (ICT) devices, both in terms of reliability and security. These requirements include robustness against environmental i
95. EuroThrax: Detection, bioforensics and genomics of Bacillus anthracis / high pathogenic B. cereus sensu lato  
Date: 23-09-20
Genomic analyses of Bacillus anthracis and high pathogenic Bacillus cereus to distinguish natural contamination from intentional contamination and improve bioforensics. Trace back analysis of biological agents is the prime directive of public authorities after initial medical first response. Detaile
96. Electrochemically self-sterilizing filter systems (E-sterile)  
Date: 17-09-20
An autonomous sensor-controlled filter system, which generates electrochemically highly reactive molecules and thereby destroys chemical warfare agents and pathogenic germs, is to be developed. The project is attributed to the priority tender focus "Defense measures against NBC hazardous substances
97. DEKO-AirTRans  
Date: 17-09-20
Flexible C-130 transport solution for airborne relocation of ABC-contaminated people Background and Motivation The Austrian Armed Forces (ÖBH) are carrying out peace support operations and relief missions all over the world. International crises with increasing frequency in ABC contamination and al
98. MCUAS  
Date: 25-12-19
Military Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems The rapid development of unmanned aerial vehicles leads to exponential growth and represents an asymmetric threat situation in the context of inefficient countermeasures. Given an emerging security situation, in particular regarding terrorist threat scenarios
99. Semi-autonomous aeroradiometric system  
Date: 20-12-19
Leveraging unmanned semi-autonomous aerial vehicles for real-time generation of radiation maps at ground level incorporating shielding effects from the terrain and 3D environment. Action forces during missions with radioactive hazardous substances are often exposed to immense unpredictable risks bec
100. VitalMonitor  
Date: 18-12-19
Multisensorales körpergetragenes Vital-Monitoring System für militärische Schulungs-, Trainings- und Einsatzszenarien (Multi-sensor wearable vital monitoring system for military training and military mission scenarios) The goal of VitalMonitor focuses on the development of a system for real-time mon
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