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SIMPAS - Simulation of autonomous vehicle control based on passive localization

|   Call 2021

In this project, a concept based on passive sensing for environment perception and localization as well as path planning and vehicle control for an autonomously driving logistics truck is implemented and tested in the simulation.

The overall project goal is the availability of validated vehicle control algorithms for autonomous driving under military conditions. This is an essential contribution to finding solutions of the complex requirements of military automated driving.
The validation of the vehicle control algorithms will be performed in simulation. The achievement of this overall technical goal requires the fulfillment of some sub-goals:

  • Definition of requirements.
  • Definition of realistic and suitable simulation scenarios.
  • Definition of KPIs to evaluate the tests.
  • Design of the simulation architecture.
  • Definition and implementation of data interfaces.
  • Algorithms for infrastructure-free passive localization and reliable environment perception and obstacle detection based on the results of the predecessor project PALONA.
  • Vehicle control algorithms suitable for military off-road driving. This includes highly efficient algorithms for the safe, stable and flexible guidance of a vehicle in the terrain.
  • Implementation of functional safety approaches for the overall system.
  • Specification and commissioning of a suitable simulation infrastructure.
  • Execution of off-road simulations with realistic digital twins of the sensor setup, the vehicle and a test environment.
  • Evaluation of the simulation results against the defined KPIs.
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